Connecting the East and West.

IdeaWhale is an international consulting company that provides a comprehensive range of business services and solutions to Chinese and Western clients. IdeaWhale has extensive experience conducting cross-border transactions, including joint ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances, private equity, MA, venture capital and foreign direct investment.

Idea Whale Services include the following:

  • negotiation support
  • contracting
  • business strategy and planning consulting
  • in-country operations analysis
  • ip management consulting
  • technology licensing
  • partner selection and due diligence services
  • agent services
  • sales and marketing

With consultants located in Beijing and Shanghai, IdeaWhale is uniquely positioned to assist our clients with overcoming the cultural barriers that often arise while conducting business in China. IdeaWhale is fully prepared to provide you with business oriented support and guidance. Whether you are performing due diligence on a prospective business relationship, creating a new distribution channel, or negotiating a joint venture agreement, let IdeaWhale help you bridge the East and the West.